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Starting with 2006 we published a new magazine. “First Issue”,”Love&Technology”, “Creatures”, “Kaidan”, “Play”, “The End of the World” where all thematic issues, each focusing on specific contemporary topics. Most of these issues have regular columns on Cosplaying, Otaku Fashion, Japanese ghost stories, designer toys, new recommendations on manga/anime/games/movies/books, reviews, artist profiles, events, interviews and current exhibitions.

Otaku MAG was a new breed of mag with an established transnational pedigree. This was probably best mirrored in its change of the main language choice. First it was Romanian, then bilingual, and in the end just international English. Each time, nearly half of the magazine was dedicated to black&white original art works by young Romanian manga/comic book artists, as a way to establish a platform for works that would have probably remained unpublished and under-appreciated. This was a magazine made after working hours, with money invested by fans from salaries and day-jobs, with total creative freedom and without commercial pressure.

Otaku MAG has also published a series of posters and attached CDs and DVDs. For the PLAY issue Otaku MAG presented an international compilation of microchip, gameboy, 8 bit, microtunes, chiptunes DVD. For the KAIDAN issue we had a CD compilation with dark sounds, ghostly atmospherics and electronic nightmares by a motley crew of international musicians.

At the end of 2012, Otaku MAG is ready to return into the world of the living, with freshly acquired powers!

It should be no mystery that Otaku MAG is Cosplay Gen's data mining big brother and mischievous kin. Otaku MAG was summoned from the depths of fandom and fan culture to redistribute a wealth of new materials, strange and mind-bending encounters with the latest pop artifacts and eye-popping otaku community totems and rituals. After an artsy showcase in Sapporo/Hokkaido, Otaku MAG is ready to share with you everything that you might have missed.


Our main health-inducing ingredients range from Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions to Ukiyo-e style rendition of gaming heroes and toy character anatomy classes with “Moist”. We also have some superhero crossover fusion artwork, combining the best of both worlds. In partnership with Tokyo Design Festa we will walk you through multiple booths and event hideaways. From interviews with artists-in-residence at S-AIR, to reviewing the pre-Sapporo Biennale, we have got recommendations about music, toyz and a fresh bundle of indie games. We’ve got superhero explosive splatter art by “Bombattack” and a tribute article dedicated to Satoshi Kon. Also don’t forget the exclusive interview with Crypton Future Media, the creatures of Hatsune Miku and our Sapporo special with young artists from the region.

Below are just some amazing previews and some introductions of our features.

Brandon Boyer
Naoya Haga
Gino Bud Hoiting
Satoshi Kon
Design Festa
Adventure Time!
Ukiyo-e Heroes
Hatsune Miku
Jason Freeny
pre-Sapporo Biennale
Makura Sakita
Melissa Smith


Below you can be delighted with some amazing photos previews and a promo video from Otaku MAG: Sapporo Edition issue.


Otaku MAG: Sapporo Edition PV // Animation by SaruZaru // Music by she: Always Yours


Otaku MAG: Sapporo Edition

Otaku MAG is available worldwide in 999 limited edition copies (eerrrr actually 1000 copies) with a special aerodynamic packaging and a lovebite from Dracula-land!

Technical Details

Available: December 21, 2012
Language: English
Copies: 1000 copies worldwide
Number of pages: 72 (100% no ads)
Size: 164x235mm (close to B5 format)
Bonus: poster & sickers
Shipping start date: 12/24/12
Estimated delivery: 1-3 weeks Europe, 3-5 weeks rest of the world
Special handmade package to protect the magazine

Price: €7.00 (shipping not included)


Digital Edition

Just a peek for the curious and the diggers. Here you have FREE digital versions of our previous Otaku MAG legendary issues. These historical magazines are part of the evolving artists scene inspired by the otaku subculture with their expanding themes, genre-crossing adventures, styles and changing fandoms. Enjoy and feel free to spread around!

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